Meet the Team



Justin Bise
INT Project Lead
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John Shen
Starboard Games LLC HR Director
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David Horwitz
Lead Writer

Michael Gitkos
Website Admin
Deadicated Fans
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Harry Pepe
Sound Lead
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Brian Olszewski
Starboard Games LLC Creative Director

Monte Drebenstedt
Art Lead
Nigel Cunningham
Animations Lead

Purple Tear Consulting

Art Department

Paul Taylor
2D Concept Artist
Jesse Stryker
2D Artist

Ulysses Pita
2d Artist

Krissy Harling
3D Modeler/Artist

Chris August
3D Artist
Omercan Cirit
2d artist concept artist

Lawrence Williams
Lead Character Artist
Scott Rogers
Concept Artist

Tim Trankle
Lead Environment Artist

Coding Department

Wayne Work
Lead Programmer
Personal Site

Writing Department

Debbie Lindsey

Creative Development

Cory McQuhae
Creative Writer / Lorist
Joe Koz

Chris Snead
Tabletop Designer

Additional Information:
This page features the individual collaborators who are working on INT which will be a public (free) demo and technology demonstration. Currently we are an international, collaborative project, that is currently unfunded and are volunteering time each week to produce a technology demonstration for fundraising purposes.