J10 Corporations


Emergence to Power

As private commercial entities emerged as the dominate power infrastructure after World War III, a single group of corporations in particular rose quickly to dominate the thousands of individual corporations vying for control in an ever-increasing yet ever-narrower universe. 12 corporations – 2 of which are no longer active – founded the UCE power structure in response to the demand for security and increased control of resources and labor. While each corporation is an individual entity, they are often referred to as the J-10 because the largest and most powerful corporation is based in the atmospheres of Jupiter in the Sol system.

 00_ZeusStarting out as an automobile manufacturer, Zeus Industries expanded its vehicular product lines and its operations rapidly in the 21st century. Its joint research program with Hera led to the creation of the first Interstellar Drive System (IDS), enabling the planetary colonization boom during the 22nd and 23rd centuries. As the leader of the J10, Zeus is in a position to continue expanding its power and influence well into the future, particularly with the aid of its military-minded allies among the J10 directorate.
 Hera (2)A former partner to Zeus Industries, Hera originally manufactured high-grade materials for terrestrial colonization such as all-terrain vehicles and transportation systems. Over time, the corporation expanded to become the leading provider of colonial infrastructure. From public-works projects such as hospitals and railways, to private homes and corporate offices, Hera has everything a colonial developer needs.
 01_Aphros (2)Aphros aggressively defended the corporations it held a majority stake in, and its stockpile of various currencies, during World War III. Bold commercial and residential development projects in war-torn areas provided the corporation with huge profits as well as the goodwill of the public. With investments in most of the major corporations, Aphros supplies loans and advice to enable the development of new technologies and colonies on ever-more distant planets.
 02_Apotheosis (2)When Zeus and Hera originally had partnered, they did so with Apotheosis as their joint research firm. But the dispute between the corporations over the development of the IDS opened a path for its independence. Apotheosis continued to work on scientific breakthroughs, including new fuels and an improved life-support system, to benefit mankind’s race to the stars. With its long line of patents and its ongoing research, Apotheosis’ projects will impact on the lives of colonists for the foreseeable future.
        03_ARS (2)An American couple unhappy with the quality of weapons available after the end of World War III founded this corporation to provide rugged, inexpensive rifles and handguns to farmers for the “defense of their livestock and other civilian needs.” Thanks to a contract with Aphros, ARS shifted focus and became the largest firearm manufacturer in the Jupiter 10. An aggressive growth strategy, combined with a reputation for rugged reliability, allows ARS to stay one bullet ahead of its competition.
 04_Artship (2)Once a military contractor supplying fighter jets to the UN, Art Ship transitioned into space shuttle production after World War III. It now focuses on small, personal ships for interstellar travel between planets. Other corporations have moved into larger vessels, allowing Art Ship to fill a small but important niche in interstellar travel.
05_Demi (2)Demi started as a collective of farmers on Earth and continues to specialize in food production and delivery in the 23rd century. A patented freeze-drying system for meals, coupled with a method of suspending nutrients in an ultra-dense but healthy oil, allowed Demi to rise above other corporations providing meals for first-wave colonists. Demi Colony Group offers colonial farm construction and management services as well as a range of menus that cater to any colonist’s dietary needs.
              06_FistH (2)With its Mercury headquarters, the largest metal works in colonized space, Fist continues to set industry standards. In addition to offering shaped steel for corporate and private interests, Fist Heavy Industries provides large equipment for surface terraforming, heavy machines for manufacturing plants, large-scale weapons systems, and high-quality metal used in the production of weapons and colonial structures. The corporation, however, continues to scramble to offset the loss of colonial assets with the emergence of the ACP, which has commandeered many of Fist’s operations in the Middle Colonies to support its war effort.
     08_Harm (2)Three business purchased by Zeus Industries in the 21st century (Hellas, Arachne, and Rumor) were combined to form the preeminent tech corporation on Earth: Harm Arachne Rumor Metrics. Rebranded as H-A-R-M Information Systems after the merger, the conglomerate’s various public-facing divisions continue to advance biometrics, infometric architectures, and artificial intelligence in the 23rd century. spaceship navigation assistants and domicile interfaces are specialties, H-A-R-M’s maintenance and oversight of the J10’s and UCE’s information sharing networks makes them a constant presence in the colonies. With its business and home software suites and a range of hardware devices for personal, domestic and professional needs, H-A-R-M keeps everyone connected and information protected with its subsidiary holdings.
 09_Poseidon (2)Poseidon Extraction is the largest corporation providing water to the colonies. The corporation’s services include planetary water management and direct water delivery from its network of asteroid mines, oceanic desalination facilities, and subterranean reclamation projects. By dominating the interstellar production and distribution of water, Poseidon stands among the most elite of mega-corporations.