The Factions


The Atlas Confederacy of Planets (ACP)

For decades, UCE economic zones on planets in the Middle Colonies caused mass resistance and anger.  Since, the First Colonial War in 2205, the UCE had expanded at an exponential rate, bringing more and more colonists into the Middle Colonies.  This led to protests about the loss of jobs, reduction in payment, and forced relocation into company run towns in the economic development zones.

Darius Shann, from the planet Atlas, discusses the rise of the economic zones and runaway cabal of corporate giants based around Jupiter in his landmark monograph, The Ten Points.  The monograph’s message became widespread and began to fan the flames of dissent again, which was surprising, since the insurrectionists in the Middle Colonies had already suffered a set-back during the First Colonial War.  The Ten Points  is now credited for the genesis of the Atlas Underground Movement, which was a collection of intellectuals from both the Core, Earth, and Atlas.  They attempted to educate the public about the great harm of unrestrained corporatism.  UCE officials labeled them “Marxists,” despite Shann’s belief in capitalism. Much of the Core began to turn a blind eye to The Ten Points, but in the Middle Colonies the monograph was picked up, read, and distributed, becoming widespread and festering in the minds of the youth who hungered for reform.

By 2232, Shann had passed and the Underground was faltering.  People were beginning to believe that reform would not come and the trade guilds from the Middle Colonies, which had sought representation, had failed in their bid for greater worker rights.  Buy just as the movement began to falter a new leader emerged named N.D., a son of a wealthy mine owner from the Middle Colony world of Keline.

On Taros, N.D. was sentenced and held for six months for rebellious activity and networking in the Middle Colonies.  There he wrote a companion piece to The Ten Points named The Colonial Chronicles.  The book is credited for reviving Shann’s movement, and under N.D.’s leadership the Underground took a more violent turn, turning to terrorist activities throughout the Core during the 2230s, including the terror bombing of Serenus.

In 2239, a weapon of mass destruction was used on Keline during a mass protest killing tens of thousands of workers.  Investigators determined that the blast was from UCE ordinance stockpiles. When the news of this spread the Atlas Assembly voted for secession, unanimously named N.D. their President, and formed a loose union with several other worlds, including Keline called the Atlas Confederacy of Planets.

While holding little manufacturing capabilities, ordinance stockpiles or naval vessels the ACP quickly seized all UCE assets and formed  a fleet of refitted UCE trade and refinery vessels.  Manpower was drawn from the Guilds, which were quickly recognized. A fighting force was assembled and deployed to battlefields across the Middle Colonies.

By 2248, the war had intensified with countless battlegrounds throughout the Middle Colonies, and while the ACP is still not at the same level militarily as the UCE, they are holding their ground and have orchestrated a surprising counter offensive into the Core.  Its target is the financial center of Bastion. Only time will tell if it will be successful in its bid for interstellar independence.

uce_stroke_200The United Colonies of Earth (UCE)

Since the end of the 21st Century the largest Earth-based corporations have set the agenda for galactic affairs in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Their leadership has seen the colonization of dozens of Earth-Like worlds, scores of moons, the development of galactic infrastructure around Gas Giants and more.

At the dawn of the 22nd Century the Earth based Corporations still directly competed over markets, colonization efforts, and development of Sol.  But, by the end of the century most of the corporations had entered into a loose alignment and their efforts were directed to a confine of space known as the “Corporate Sector”.  In this sector resources were developed and shipped back to massive orbital refineries around the planet Jupiter. Each corporation had set up a headquarters due to the immensity of Jupiter’s gravity well and necessity of Jupiter and other Gas Giants in Sol to develop the Interstellar Drive System (which makes faster than light travel possible).  They were no longer Earth based by 2190, but now called the Jupiter Ten and styled their corporations as the Greek Gods of Olympus.

However, Payne Industries – a lesser Corporation based around the planet Neptune attempted to make in-roads in the Corporate Sector.  With a collection of minor corporations from Neptune and Uranus they made early gains, but the Jupiter Ten quickly consolidated and formed the UCE which would be the military arm of the Jupiter Ten.  Payne was put down and forced into permanent exile on the fringes of space then known as the Outer Colonies.

With the UCE established, promotion and marketing was undertaken throughout Sol and other Core systems.  The UCE was styled as the governing body, military arm, and protectors of law, order, and justice.  Thousands rushed to join the UCE and enrolled at the prestigious military academy on Mars and West Point on Earth.

Twenty years following the Corporate War, insurrections for greater worker rights were launched in the developing Middle Colonies then under direct supervision by the Directorate of the Jupiter Ten.  The economic development zones were being threatened by rebels and the UCE was called in and one of the greatest clashes of humanity seen since the end of the Third World War.

Due to the lack of organization to the rebels in the First Colonial War, the UCE was victorious and after several years of conflict the war ended.  The UCE acted brutally, which created long lasting resentment in the Middle Colonies towards the Core based UCE and Jupiter Ten.  However, in the Core the war was seen as the “little war” and victorious UCE soldiers were given laurels and praise.  It was hailed as the developed Core bringing Law and Order to the upstart colonists in the Middle Colonies.  Millions more sought enrollment in the UCE after the war which led to an even greater military-industrial complex between the UCE and Directorate of the Jupiter Ten.

Between 2210 and 2232, the UCE solidified itself as the arm of justice to the developing Galaxy.  Insurrections and trade strikes in the Middle Colonies were repressed and the UCE was praised for their efforts at maintaining society in the Middle Colonies.  No one in the Core wanted to risk their brothers and sisters in the colonies falling into anarchy and saw the UCE as the governing body and sword of justice when evil threatens peace and stability.

By 2232, the tides of war were once again brewing and the UCE began to tighten its hold on the Middle Colonies, but were forced to let several resistance leaders such as N.D. escape permanent incarceration due to popular demand.  The trouble zone was Atlas, a planet that had transformed from a rural backwater to the metropolis of the Middle Colonies.  Eventually, though the UCE was blamed for a weapon of mass destruction detonated at a Trade Guild rally on Keline which caused Atlas and several prominent Colonies to slip from their fingertips.

After the ACP was formed in 2239, the UCE rallied in the Core and began to fight back in the Middle Colonies, but constant terror bombings in the Core scared the populace and the UCE was not able to commit all their forces at once to the Interstellar Civil War which gave the ACP breathing room.  Furthermore, mass defections from the UCE to the ACP in the early years of the war hampered UCE efforts to win the war quickly like what was done in the First Colonial War.

By 2048, the UCE had seen victories cascade into defeats due to N.D.’s counterattack in the Core.  For awhile, the UCE had crushed ACP worlds and even conquered Atlas, but these were temporary gains and the ACP was able to re-take them then push into the Core with their bulk of their forces.  The climax of the Interstellar Civil War is unfolding on Bastion as both the ACP and UCE have deployed the bulk of their fleets and manpower to the besieged world.