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INT Card Game


All IN the Telling

A violently failing space station. A group of people, thrown together by a variety of circumstances, all now trapped. With the only ships in the hangar needing various components before they can even start up and the nearest operational port days away, you’ll need to make some fast repairs and toss some supplies aboard if you’re going to get out of here before something goes irretrievably sideways. But who’s to say you can’t pick up a few additional items along the way? Be careful, though – sticking around could trigger an event that pushes you over the edge. And once you go rogue, well, if you aren’t the only one leaving alive, you might be more interested in making sure no one leaves alive. Or perhaps you’ll just be making sure you’ve got all the food when you finally escape. Meanwhile, it’s up to you whether the game plays cooperatively, every-person for themselves, or even pitting one player against another. It’s All In The Telling (working title, subject to change).

Ships were generated at ship.shapewright.com.
Created by Dolf Veenvliet under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.



Tens Day Comic


A deadly attack at a popular interstellar resort in 2238 hurls an unlikely group of individuals into a dangerous orbit of revenge and greed. Twiggy, a young vape addict. Caran Slake, a cartel assassin. Dru Fallet, a former military captain. Crimson, a bio-enhanced hitman. Garfin, a thief. Rhett Lescure, an adolescent orphaned by the tragedy. Their stories converge and modulate toward the tragic and heroic in the fallout of the Tens-Day bombings when the universe is on the brink of the Interstellar Civil War.

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The Initiation Prose Comic


A final obstacle stands in Cadet Wren Yorick’s way before he can join an elite military squadron in 2231: a trust exercise on a long-abandoned installation on the planet Venus that is rumored to be haunted. Isolated and disoriented upon waking up from his induced sleep, Wren must rely on the guidance of his superiors to complete the task. They remotely direct him on his solitary journey through a vicious and unfamiliar landscape rife with whipping winds and extreme heat to the remnants of the former colony. His commanding officers, however, do little to neutralize his sense that there is something more, something somehow occupying the bleak geography that he traverses. This leads Wren to question what he knows about his mission, his commanders and even his own eyes and ears before he reaches the small colonial outpost, at which point his life forever changes.

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