Born to a low class family in the slums of Earth, Wes was adopted into a life of crime. Working for the largest crime family on Earth, the Barbarosas, Wes earned a reputation as a grade-A enforcer and conman. After moving to Bastion, Wes made his living in the small, yet bustling towns there, working as an enforcer for small crime families. Ten years later, Wes relocated to the capital of Bastion, Aurora, and began working as a minor enforcer for one of the larger cartels. As the ACP encroached on the capital, Wes began preparations to leave the planet, smelling trouble long before it started.



Rhett is a nomadic 17-year-old hopper, who travels through the Core systems by “hitching” rides on all classes of vessels. His loyalty is well-known throughout the hopping community. But Rhett is primarily a lone wolf, save for his curious association with Garfin, a thief of the first order with operations on Serenus and New Terra. For his primary source of income, Rhett wagers on himself in the active videogame-betting circuit in the various Core starports, colonial lounges, cafes, and casinos. One T-bit always remains in his pocket so he can procure additional funds with his gaming skills when needed.



Brittany SELLERS

Sellers came from an easy-going family and a laid-back society on New Terra. She’s an excellent shot with long-range weaponry owing to her family’s lifestyle on their cattle ranch. Although she sometimes admits that certain situations are larger than she wants to handle, she still finds dedication to the cause. Devoted to her family, she means to get retribution for the deaths of her two brothers. Still, Sellers finds time to explore, making sure to upset the family tradition of “staying put”.