January 29th 2018: Getting INT-Depth – Setting The Stage


Getting INT-Depth – Setting The Stage

Getting INT-Depth is a dev blog series that takes a deeper look at the different aspects of the upcoming game INT, produced by Starboard Games. Every blog of the series will illuminate a specific part of the game and the experience that you will be exposed to on its launch date. We’re starting off the series with an introduction to the story of the INT universe, written by David Horwitz, Justin Bise, Debbie Lindsey, Brian Olszewski, and Cory McQuhae.  


The expansion of mankind & the UCE is


Over the course of time, technology has allowed humans to push the boundaries of space, settling colonies within Earth’s Solar System. However, as man’s reach widens, so does the gap in social classes between colonies.



The gap in social classes predominantly exists between three distinct areas: the Inner Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Outer Colonies. The Inner Colonies are located near the core worlds such as Earth and are inhabited by wealthy citizens. The Middle Colonies are represented by mostly blue collar workers. And lastly, the Outer Colonies are located in the outskirts of mankind’s reach in the Solar System and harbors dangerous pirates. Raw materials are gathered from the Middle and Outer Colonies and sent back to the core worlds located in the Inner Colonies. These materials are then used to produce goods which considerably benefit the Inner Colonies’ wealth. As further raw materials are gathered from the outskirts and sent to the core worlds, the social divide continues to grow.

The further you get from Earth, the influence of the U.N and governments diminishes amongst the colonies. The corporations that are established in the Inner Colonies identify the need for a structured system and form a governing body, the United Colonies of Earth or the UCE. On the outside, the UCE represents order and safety to those that inhabit the Sol System, working for the benefit of all citizens regardless of social class by keeping the peace between all colonies. On the inside, the UCE was formed for a specific reason: to ensure that the lifestyle and arrangements they have with the Middle Colonies are protected and maintained. As the Middle Colonies began to grow discontent, the J10 militarized and started commissioning special military factions such as the UCE. Their power and influence grew and eventually became a living and breathing governing body that no longer adhere to Earth.


The Middle Colonies has had enough – The rise of N.D.



As the UCE continued to benefit from the hard working people in the middle colonies, the people inevitably became tired of being used for someone else’s benefit. The empty promises of the UCE continue to spread and with each mistreatment the appetite for change grew. Enter N.D., the number 1 man on their most wanted list. N.D. is a very vocal, strong, and influential leader. N.D. will stop at nothing to retain his influence and to achieve his goals. He rallied people around him to resist the UCE. They began taking minor victories, which greatly increased the influence of his movement. Finally someone was willing to stand up to the UCE and not simply accept their terms. An alliance is formed which is called the Atlas Confederacy of Planets, or the ACP. With N.D. at the helm the ACP began to amass followers hungry for change. The movement spread like wildfire forcing the UCE to realize it had a serious problem disrupting their interests that needed to be dealt with.

The UCE militarized to put an end to this rebellion. Being far more advanced in technology, training, and numbers, the UCE quickly started to crush the rebellion. With the concerted efforts of the UCE, the ACP realized loss after loss.The UCE was ready to put an end to N.D. and his rebellion with a final push into Atlas, the ACP capital.



Turn of the Tide – The ACP pushes back

As the battle for Atlas carried on, the UCE was not crushing the ACP as they had expected. Both sides experienced massive losses, but Atlas was left standing and the ACP intact. The UCE realized it could not finish off the ACP so easily, and began to fracture amongst themselves. The ACP took advantage of this opportunity and struck back, pushing the UCE all the way to planet Bastion, the gateway between the Inner and Middle Colonies. The battle for Bastion has come to a stalemate that has lasted for months. But with a newly launched attack on the city of Aurora, the ACP aims to change this.



Caught in the middle – Who will you become?

With the newly launched attack, Aurora is left in ruins. Amidst the ruins of the city there are many factions that are neutral with the war, but very committed to their own causes. From drug cartels, to wild card organizations, everything is up for grabs and you will play an integral part in how everything unfolds. Your are brought into the fold when your apartment building falls victim to the ferocious fighting happening throughout the city. Throughout this journey your actions and interactions will influence your fate amidst this chaos. Do you value power and money? Do you want to do what is “right”? Do you want to simply survive at all costs? From this point in the story the path ahead is yours to decide.


War with friends – Companions

Along your journey you will encounter companions that have an impact on the world around you. In the first chapter alone there are 7 different companions that you may cross paths with through different playthroughs. Will you meet Dr. Jones the Transhumanist, whose main goal in life is to convert his body into a complete Cybernetic being? Will Sister Clarence cross your path and try to convert you to the Order of Anabasis? Not only will you experience different mixes of companions in each playthrough but you can also alter the fates of those companions. From making them an essential part of your story arch to having them killed off before they can grow roots into your world, the choice is yours to make.




This is INT, and this is the universe that you will be playing in. We hope that this painted a good picture for you so that when you take your first step into INT you know what you are getting into. As the series continues we will go deeper into the gameplay, visuals, sounds, and experiences that you will encounter throughout your gameplay. Thanks again to David Horwitz, Justin Bise, Debbie Lindsey, Brian Olszewski, and Cory McQuhae for creating this universe and giving us a chance to explore it.

As always we love your feedback so please let us know what you think of this story and the possibilities ahead. Please check below for recruitment and social media info.

Thank You


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We are looking for an Animator to join the Art team to rig characters and create animations for the game. You will be collaborating with fellow members of the team in the creation and polishing of 3D animations.

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