Free Stuff! Update 6/19/2017


Hi all! Hope you’ve had a relaxing fathers day weekend and that you’ve somehow managed to avoid sweltering sunburn in your various beach trips/cookouts. Here’s a short update to help kick off your workweek!

General Update

Progress on the game remains steady, with weekly goals in various facets of the game being met. On the audio side of things, the music composition for the Vape Clown Boss and basic combat music is near completion! Also, there are plans in the midst to release some cool promotional videos on Youtube, so keep your eyes peeled!


As always, you want be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, but right now we’ve got something special planned to celebrate our continued growth on social media. Since we’re slowly but surely increasing our follower base on Twitter and Facebook, we’ve decided it would be a good idea to reward our cool supporters and give away five mini digital art books to random supporters when we reach 600 followers on Twitter and 700 on Facebook. We’re also probably going to do something cool for the 1000 follower milestone too, so spread the word!

Any questions about the contest? Any critiques for the site/anything you’d like to see implemented in it? Let us know!

As always, thank you all for the support, and see you soon with further updates.