Hard Surface Assets, HR Updates, Rogue Space Update! | Weekly Update #38


Weekly Update Overlays

Greetings fans of the INTverse!  Last week we took a much needed reprieve so we could amass a bigger update for you to close out the month!  Next week will be the beginning of the holiday season so our next scheduled update will be December 1st.

This week we will be reviewing some of the great hard surface assets that have been modeled and painted in substance painter while also recapping some of the bigger news from the past month including the following:  HR information, the latest Rogue Space episode, new website information, and much more!

Let’s dive in!

State of INT Overlay


So far this month we have been showcasing screenshots from our current pre-alpha internal build for INT.  These screenshots have depicted both environmentally damaged areas and clean areas which you will encounter in-game.  Furthermore, if you have been following along you probably saw a short in-game video we released testing our work-in-progress terminal system.

This week we are going to take a close look at some of the detail and effort our Art Team has put into modeling various assets that will be featured in-game.  With that being said, let’s take a look and begin our discussion!

1This screenshot is of the finished apartment siren.  The siren is a dynamic model that is fully functional in the game world.  Not only will you see flashing red lights and hear a loud siren noise, but if you look closely you’ll notice that the model features numerous bells and whistles so to speak.  The siren was made by the H.A.R.M Corporation, part of the UCE, and thus sports their logo: an ominous green triangle and all-seeing eye.


3Next up we have the roof level AC unit. The unit provides heating and cooling to the apartment building (where you begin the game). In some of our previous screenshots from the roof portion of the level you will notice that these units are already placed and in-game. The up-close render of the AC unit shows the numerous panels, ducts, and warning graphics.

To the right a render of the basement level support beam.  There are several of these support beams in the basement.  Unlike other portions of the apartment level the basement is an entirely clean environment (no damage from the war) so expect to see several of these support structures in the basement level as you explore the under belly of the apartment before venturing into the dreaded Tubes level. 4

This render is of the Tubes catwalks.  For those unfamiliar, the Tubes is a bonus level for the INT demo and is completely optional but highly recommended.  The level is entirely underground and offers an alternative to the outdoors street level.  In the Tubes you will confront the dark side of Bastion and fight a mini-boss as well as encounter both Poseidon Corporation Engineers and the Vapor epidemic on Bastion.  Since the Tubes is literally an underground sewer complex much of the movement will be on these catwalks and this render displays the amount of care and attention our Art Team has put into the creation of environmental assets for the demo.


This render is for the Tubes level as well.  This is a chain link wall which will be encountered at various points as you adventure through the crumbling and mob infested underbelly of Bastion.  Who knows what waits on the other side?

State of Starboard

This section of the update will recap notable updates from the past month for the INT and broader Starboard Games LLC team.

Each month we work to provide the community a development podcast which we have aptly named Rogue Space.  Please check out our team’s latest podcast here:  http://www.int-game.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Podcast11_YearEnd_Pass2.mp3

Additionally, over the past month our web developer has made numerous improvements to our websites features and interface.  Please check out our latest web developments here:  int-game.net.

Finally, I want to take a moment to stress, like I usually do, the need for talented developers and game enthusiasts to join our team.  We have a contact form here:  http://www.int-game.net/contact-us/

The contact form is the best way to get in touch with us directly.  We look at each response sent to us on the contact form.  If your skill set fits what we need we will send you a skill test for the area in which you are applying.

If you want to contact our HR Lead directly please send an email to John at johnhr@int-game.net for more information!  However, I want to stress that at this time we are only looking for modelers, coders, and a PR Representative.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Media of the Week

This week we will be displaying another piece of propaganda art, specifically one belonging to the ACP. Last week we looked at the UCE.  If you are unfamiliar with what these acronyms mean then please take a look at our faction page:  http://www.int-game.net/factions/!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s update and remember with the holiday season imminent we may only have a few more updates before the end of the year, but like always we will have a year in review update and video.  I strongly believe that this year we will have an in-game video + review video + update.  More details will be coming, of course, but this is an exciting time to work on the INT Project.

I hope you will join our growing community! Make sure to contact us if you’re interested in working on an indie game.  As always we will see you soon and please comment below with what you think!