Rogue Space | Episode 11: Tis’ the Season (Closer)


Rogue Space is back in action as we call a close on our first full year of the podcast. Join host Jango, along with old favourites John, Debbie and Luke for a recap on some of our top picks from the previous year, including zany moments, arguments and the rise of a new threat to all mankind. Help us celebrate a year of Rogue Space as well as Halloween as we talk about some of our favorite moments in horror games to boot.

Hosted By: Jango
Produced By: Jango
Edited By: Jango
Show Notes By: Debbie and Jango

Discussed in this Episode

Pan’s Labyrinth – A 2006 Spanish-Mexican by director Guillermo del Toro. The infamous Pale Man described in the podcast plays a short but nightmare-inducing role. Jango, know for not being one for scares and horror says the Pale Man is the limit. Luke’s says he pulled scarier things out of the shower drain… we believe him.

Ju-On – Originally a 2002 Japanese film, the 2004 American remake starred Sarah Michelle Geller, and apparently distressed a young Jango. John however sat through the whole movie in the theatre before they pulled it from public release in Australia. Professor Chaos may have his origin story.

Resident Evil The original survival-horror franchise that combines horror, action and puzzle solving. The specific games mentioned, RE 4, 5, and 6, were released in 2005, 2009, and 2012, respectively. Resident Evil is developed and produced Capcom. We’ve all had our fair share of fun and fear with the RE games. Whether Luke is being terrorised by Dogs in RE4, John fumbling with Quick Time Events in RE5, Jango laughing off the silliness of RE6 or Debbie being tormented by pointless items in RE7’s trailer, we all love it.

F.E.A.R. –  Another survivor horror franchise, but instead of the stop-and-shoot third person mechanics of Resident Evil, the F.E.A.R. series is an action heavy first person shooter. F.E.A.R. is developed by Monolith Productions and produced by Sierra Games. The suspense and fear of “what might be coming” is main draw for John in this game. The series is not for everyone but we sure did like the original game.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem –  An action-adventure horror game released on the Gamecube. The game’s sanity effects revolutionized screwing with the player’s head. It was developed by Silicon Knights and produced by Nintendo. We touched on this in last years October episode and a year later we are still thinking about it. Even those who haven’t played it are recalling it fondly.

Shadow/Shrek Ship – Luke’s bizarre fascination that leaves everyone else on the podcast (mostly) speechless. Plans to base the concept art for “Harry Bomber’s Bombastic Adventure“ and the “The Dubious Exploits of Professor Chaos” on this thread of pictures need to be stopped right now. Please help us keep Luke’s concepts INT related…. please. Click at your own risk.

Harry Bomber – Both Luke and Jango chose the Harry Bomber incident from way back in “Episode 4: Lore Never Changes”. It’s easy to see how that revelation capture the hearts of the team and why the Panel never miss a chance to remind the world of it existence. Thanks Luke for being a good sport about it.

Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte’s infamous novel. It’s filled with ghosts, unhealthy relationships, and a possible curse. According to Jango and Debbie, it’s not as cool as it sounds. We talked about this at length back in “Episode 5: Novel Ideas and Comic Relief” and it was Debbie’s top pick of the year form the podcast, simple because we spun out a 20 minute argument out of a simple cheeky joke, ending with pooping on Jango’s computer. Also mentioned was Kate Bush’s song by the same name which Debbie graciously imitates for us.

Trebuchet – A type of catapult and John’s terror-machine of choice. Both Jango and John selected top moments from “Episode 9: 500 Days of Summer“ beginning with the Trebuchet and continuing on to creating the Zombie Apocalypse of popular fiction. Professor Chaos arose on that day and we shall be judged for not stopping him then. Until the day the “Turncoats of Humanity” will enjoy these picks and we hope you will too. We’ve already got John’s Christmas present ready though

Jumping Off the Planet – Finally we leave you with a top pick from back in the original broadcast of Rogue Space, “Episode 1: Halloween and Horror”, where we discuss, shall we say ‘alternative’, ways of escaping Bastion during the demo. Justin, the project founder and lead, mentions we can add this easter egg if we have the time. We’ll make the time. This has been one of our team’s inside jokes since we began Rogue Space, especially amongst the Leads. We hope you enjoy the zaniness as much as we did. Also, Superman sucks, right? Too Overpowered.

Remember to get in touch with your top pick, any progress made on the various challenges issued during Rogue Space and any thoughts or comments, we’d love to hear them. Until next time…

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