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My name is Justin Bise and I am the Project Lead for INT, short-hand in our universe for Interstellar. Let me be the first to welcome you to our new website, forums, and project.  I would like to take some time to answer questions, share a common vision, and introduce you to the universe we are creating.

What is INT?

INT is a Sci-Fi, RPG, built from scratch and set in the near future, 2248-49.  The premise for our RPG is that in the near future there will be a catastrophic World War that dramatically alters the future of the 21st Century leading into the 22nd Century.  This altercation leads to the rise of the Sol Colonization Authority a sub-committee for the United Nations.  Research and Design is conducted by the Sol Colonization Authority to develop an Faster than Light drive system.  After years of research the system is created in the late 21st Century, but requires immense gravity wells to construct.  Earth based corporations decide to pull their resources and go to Jupiter to begin construction of the I.D.S. (Interstellar Drive System) and over-time these groups begin to see the futility of the Sol Colonization Authority.  So, they… continue reading »

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Teaser Trailer #1

Teaser Trailer #1

Hey everyone, here’s a first-look sneak preview at INT!

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Social Media and Website Introductions!

INT is an upcoming space cowboy-themed rogue-like RPG set in the year 2249 amidst an interstellar civil war between two rival factions of humanity. So much is in store for you in this amazing universe that you are about to enter.

To be a part of the growing INT community, head over to the forums, register, and discuss the game and concepts!

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Teaser Trailer #1
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