16 DEC 2014 04 DEC 2014
Companions page is up! December Update post is up!


What is INT? Check out what the game is all about here.


Join the ACP. Fight for freedom. Overthrow the corporate empire. We'll let you know when to ask "what's next?"


Social intelligence. Battle-savviness. Problem-solver. Leadership. Test your mettle in the vast regions of war-ridden, colonized space in the 23rd century.


Look forward to our comic TENS DAY, volume 1 available soon for download right here!

Colonized space in the 23rd century is up for grabs. Factions and cartels, among others, seek to establish their imprint on the known universe during the turbulent time of the 23rd century. Your story begins at war-torn Bastion. How will your story impact the interstellar war?  Where does your allegiance lie? Is a friend really a foe? What secrets will you unveil? What deeds and choices will impact your future? Use your wits and direct your crew wisely, although it may take multiple play-throughs to uncover INT’s complete story.