Rogue Space | Episode 9: 500 Days of Summer

Rogue Space returns with episode 9, and the second installment of the “Summer of INT” series. In this episode, Jango, John and Debbie are joined by Secret Reality’s Eric Chou and Matt Ross to discuss their own personal “500 Days of Summer” aspirations. What would you do if given 500 consecutive days to pursue your every frivolous want. What are those things you’d do if only you had the time? Find out what the team came up with (Hint: it includes Drums, Dentistry and World Domination) in this endearing and zany issue of Rogue Space!

Weekly Update #25: Betrayal in the Basement Level

Weekly Update #25: Betrayal in the Basement Level

We’re all riding high on the excitement of our big team meeting and the new trailer, and we’re excited to share some new media with you this week. First up in the state of INT, we’ll take a quick look at some of the work our art team has been doing on the basement level. We also give you a look at some of the cards for the INT card game, and premier the next episode of Rogue Space!

Rogue Space | Episode 8: Games as Interactive Cinema

Another great installment of Rogue Space. In this episode, Jango, John, Debbie and Panda discuss the travails of travel. The team reminisce about some of their favorite and not so favorite memories of holidays and vacations past. Some stories are loony, some are hilarious, some are even fraught with danger, but all of them are classic. In the second half, join us for a round table discussion on “Games as Interactive Cinema” and see if player’s really do have a say in how a game turns out. All this awaits you here, come see us in Rogue Space!