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Tens Day Comic update.

Greetings everyone, In October 2nd we previewed a comic cover for the upcoming first issue of Tens Day. While you wait for the comic to be released in the near future I would like to share some of our internal-design process with you. Please Enjoy, -Justin

Below you will find questions that I asked Brian, the writer, and Joshua, the artist, about the Tens-Day project. The following responses share insights about their vision for the graphic novel, as well as their workflow. We also have included several iterations of the building from early concepts to the finished design that is depicted on the cover of Tens Day #1.

1) What was your thought process and goals when designing the Pinnacle Hotel?

Brian: From the writer’s side of things, the primary issue on my mind when conceptualizing The Pinnacle was less about the details of its physical appearance and more about its status as the premiere resort location in colonized space. It had to look impressive and embody a futuristic aesthetic, but it also needed to be a sprawling, waterfront property, able to host a wide variety of recreational activities. Joshua did a great job with the property, as… continue reading »

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October 2nd Update (Part 1 )



Welcome to the October 2nd progress entry- PART 1 ( we have loads of updates for you!). As in previous months, I will share our trials, tribulations, and achievements with you, the wider community and fellow science fiction fans. Holding to tradition, I’ve compiled for reports from each department, as we work to make an exciting RPG for you.
During the past month of September, the INT team has advanced in our development of the public INT beta. In addition to our advancement, we have collectively worked on several sub-projects that I will announce and then discuss in detail in this post.

Our Art Department, led by Monte, is progressing on developing concepts, animations, and models for the public beta test. We’re refining various elements of the apartment level, finishing the street level, developing concept sketches, and creating animations for humanoid NPC’s and players.
We have several pieces of concept art and two models on sketchfab for your viewing pleasure. The hover car was made by Johnny and ARS pistol by Matt.
Hover Car

ARS Pistol

After our release last month, several people contacted us and requested our models be displayed on sketchfab. I hope you enjoy these models—a big thanks to Matt and Johnny for the work and time put into them! In addition to these models, I would like to share some concept art with you for the street level and beyond.

ARS Railgun

“You may get the Railgun if you solve a puzzle in the apartment building..”

One of the most destructive weapons in the game is a heavy weapon made by ARS Weaponry. If you have been following our progress, you may have noticed that all of the guns we have released so far are from ARS Weaponry: they are the principle weapons manufacturer in the Core Systems. You may get the Railgun if you solve a puzzle in the apartment building, but more on that later!
Thank you to Kong for the Railgun Concept Art.




















Apartment Buildings

Next, I would like to show you some apartment exterior concept art. This particular piece of concept art shows a collection of potential exterior apartment buildings. We have taken pieces from them and constructed them into a building for the street level. This building will be showcased at a later time. Thank you to Kong for the concept art.

Civilian Faces

One of the features we will showcase in the coming months is our character creation menu. Here you can see some sample male and female faces for the menu. These are still in the concept phase, but you can get an idea of some of the facial structures and potential hairstyles. Let us know what you think. Thanks to our art staff for this one.


During the month of September, our coding staff (led by Abasys) has been hard at work. Our coders have worked on implementing the HUD and working on finishing the inventory-database system, pathfinding, and combat. Below you will see a video created by Abasys that explains hostile NPC pathfinding. Please let us know what you think!

Our sound team led by Half-Rats, has been hard at work since August to build the sounds necessary for the demo. We are almost to the point where we have a finished soundtrack and sound list. This month we will be sharing a collection of sounds from the sound design spectrum with you. Please check them out below.


Lore Video

In the coming days, we’ll unveil our first lore timeline video. This video is not a trailer like our previous video, but a timeline video meant to show you how the Interstellar Civil War in the INT universe began. The first video is from the perspective of the ACP and in the video you will meet their leaders. We expect to have this video available in the coming days, so please check back frequently for that update.


“…be on the lookout throughout the month for our other interviews with GamesDefined and Exepose UK…”

Richard and John have been working throughout September to build a PR department of un-matched excellence. This month, we completed two interviews and were featured on IndieRPG.
You can read about our feature on IndieRPG here: http://indierpgs.com/2014/09/int-announced/

In addition, please be on the lookout throughout the month for our other interviews with GamesDefined and Exepose UK. We will post these interviews in an interview roundup entry when they are both completed. As always, excellent work on behalf of our PR staff.

In Part 2 of our October update we look at Writing updates and how we build INT worlds through the power of writing and narrative and updates from the Creative Developement team as well as news of our new website launch. Stay tuned!

Follow INT on Twitter , Facebook and our IndieDB page

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October 2nd Update (Part 2 ) – Writing and Creative Developement



Welcome to the October 2nd progress entry- PART 2. We look at how the world of INT is constructed by our writers and what impact narrative has on the gameplay of INT. The Creative Department has released more information of the upcoming comic “Tens Day” and its synopsis


BC and the writers have been working through September to provide the team with the remainder of the dialogues and lore samples needed for the demo. In addition to this, our writers have also worked on codifying events into a seamless timeline. Please check out BC’s update below.

For the past month the writing team has been hard at work on world building. Today we’ll be addressing a couple of points that always come up when we discuss the process behind world building.

What is ‘world building’?

“In order for an RPG to be successful an amazing world absolutely needs to be constructed in order to truly immerse the player in the experience.”

Before we get too far with this explanation, what exactly is world building? When we talk about world building we mean the universe as a whole, the factions, the characters, and the stories that the player may encounter. World building is, in many ways, the big picture of game development. In order for an RPG to be successful an amazing world absolutely needs to be constructed in order to truly immerse the player in the experience. One of the first things that we, as the writing team, have to discuss is how fleshed out we want our universe to be, do we want it to be rich and full of all sorts of colorful stories that give this future setting, or do we strive for a more stark, realistic depiction of the universe. In order to create this western vibe that we’ve given our universe we have gone with what we consider to be the much richer and colorful experience.

How do you build these worlds?

“In order to properly construct these worlds there is one word that had become the word of law in the writing department– discussion. Before any idea is fully cemented we spend hours upon hours discussing the implications of each decision that our team makes. These meetings help us not only to build up backstory but also the culture of those that you will encounter as he traverse the INT-verse. After the discussion is over and the dust on the battlefield settles we get to work crafting massive internal documents that serve as a blueprint for the entire team to follow, it becomes law. These documents, many of which will remain internal, detail everything from the culture of single planets to the general demeanor towards Transhumanism as the story progresses.”

How will all of this effect gameplay?

“One of the many things that sets INT apart from other Indie Game projects (and dare I say, even triple-A projects) is the world that we create. Our world is vibrant, it has been thought out ad nauseam and the best part is, the player will hardly notice.

“Everything you see has been meticulously crafted to fit into the universe and to make our universe feel real without waving its hands up and down to try and point out how real it is.”

We have created a world that seamlessly integrates this world with the stories that will be created by your randomized companions. This world will morph based on your decisions and will also serve as a vibrant example of one of the many possible futures humanity may encounter. So, what exactly is the impact on gameplay? The world building is everything. Everything you see has been meticulously crafted to fit into the universe and to make our universe feel real without waving its hands up and down to try and point out how real it is.”

Creative Development

Last month we teased a special project that we had in development. I would like to share more information with you about that now. Our first special project is entitled Tens Day and will be a comic released to the public on various platforms for free. This will give you a taste of the character development, in-universe story, and experiences that we are going to tell in INT. Please read the comic synopsis from our Creative Development Director Brian.

Assassins. A kidnapping. Thieves. A fugitive. A military task force. Old vendettas. New grievances. Intertwining plots coalesce in the fallout of a mysterious attack in 23rd century interstellar space in Tens Day, the first graphic novel based on INT, a science-fiction RPG currently in development under the Starboard Games LLC imprint. Occurring at 10:00 am on 10/10/2239, the repercussions of the terrorist act on the resort island of Laxus in Core colonial space extend into the game’s 2250 milieu.

“Tens Day serial exposes the darker side of the sun-blessed Laxus and its culture of leisure, revealing a shadowy network of illicit activity”

Upcoming installments of the six-issue arc of Tens Day introduce readers to a sliver of INT’s expansive universe, while tracking the fates of a cast of characters with divergent agendas in the immediate wake of the deadly bombing. In so doing, the Tens Day serial exposes the darker side of the sun-blessed Laxus and its culture of leisure, revealing a shadowy network of illicit activity that exists in tandem with the island’s copious blue skies and endless beaches. The search for the responsible party, then, introduces readers to an underworld of cartel associates, vape addicts, and hopper-culture, in addition to lingering questions: who is behind the attack? Why? You may encounter characters embroiled in these questions and some answers, as well, upon the release of INT, depending upon who makes it out of Tens Day alive.


Lastly, we would like to announce a redesign of the website. Our website, Int-game.net , is being redesigned by Panda and will likely launch this month. Please check back frequently and we will let you know when it goes up.

Keep in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, and our IndieDb page

Thanks as always and have a good month,


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September 2nd Update


I would like to share our progress with you, the wider community, and fellow sci-fi enthusiasts. Like the previous month, I will be sharing a collection of reports from each department.

During the month of August, the INT team has made steady progress as we continue to develop the public beta and other projects for the indie community. For the past several months, I have discussed mostly the apartment level with a collection of screenshots. This month, I’ll will be sharing the progress being made on our second level, in addition to some other information.

The DEVTEAM, led by Monte, is our primary department that is working on the development of the public beta. They are responsible for coding and art. I will share some models and information about coding in this section.

The street level is the second of three levels in the INT public demo. As you can see from this image, we are in the planning and early block out phases. The weapons, vendors, and street objects are in the process of being modeled. The street level itself is much larger than the narrow apartment level. This is a massive outdoors exterior. In this level, you will truly begin to level your character, find weapons, equip armor, and battle enemies.

Destroyed vehicles, damaged buildings, and the sounds of war will confront you on your journey through the street level. This is where the war, which is briefly alluded to in the apartment, will come home for the player. I encourage you all to read about the Interstellar Civil War, which is the driving plot in the game, here: http://www.int-game.net/the-story/.

Next we will look at some weapons modeled by Matt Parkin. If you are interested in more of his work, please check out his channel: http://polygonpilgrimage.com/.

ARS Gauss Rifle

The ARS Gauss Rifle is an early Gauss rifle that you will encounter in- game and on the street level. This gun is made by ARS Weapons and a principal weapon of the UCE faction. It is one of their “trademark” guns, in fact. When you encounter UCE soldiers throughout the game, it is very likely that they will be using an ARS Rifle, unless they are a Fist or Apotheosis variant.

The ARS Pistol, like the ARS Gauss Rifle, is an early Gauss pistol that you will encounter in the game and on the street level. Additionally, like the ARS Gauss Rifle, this weapon is made by ARS Weapons for UCE infantry. While infantry is more likely to use ARS Gauss Rifles, it is very common that you may run across UCE light infantry using ARS Gauss Pistols or other non-aligned factions using them, such as the Prometh Cartel or Bakunin Bratva Cartel.

INT will have merchants, which means that a buy and sell system will be in place. To accommodate this feature, outdoor vendors are located in the street level of the game. These areas will feature healing stations, recharge stations, and vendors. The merchants themselves will try to make a buck or two by selling you wares of war. Look forward to seeing vendors such as the one pictured above in the street level.

In addition to work being done on the street level, we are beginning the process of creating the character creation menu. This will allow you to customize your character. Sometime during that process, there will be a chair present. This is an early prototype model for the character creation menu.

Coding Update

During the last month, our coders have continued to work on system integration from the GDD. While we do not have a video to show you like last month, I would like to talk for a moment about the coding team. They are making progress on our major systems and it is my hope that we will have something very special to share with you soon.

Writing Update

The writing team has been hard at work. BC and his team have been working on providing the player with interesting dialogue for the street level. Expect to hear and read about the horrors of war on Bastion through the eyes of civilians when you play through the street level. You will find many dialogues discussing current events on the planet. In addition, dialogue work has been done with some of our game companions. There is an update which you can read below which shares a bit of dialogue for the street level through the eyes of a companion.

This month the writing team has been hard at work crafting companion dialogues. We can’t share much with you right now, but what we will be showcasing is a snippet from one of our static companions, Miranda Veloren:

“Do you smell that? The smell of death, carnage, and war? This is the world we’ve been born into pal, this is the world we must keep. To sit there and fight the status quo would be silly–what can one person truly do without an army at his back? What can that same person do then, being a simple citizen in this ferocious galaxy? They survive. That is all any of us humdrum passengers can really do when faced with a churning galaxy. Frankly, that’s all I’d want to do.”

With so many companions planned for INT, it is certainly arduous for the writing department, however it is a task that we’re more than up to. In the coming months we hope to showcase more and more of our characters and truly bring the INT-verse to life with not only companions, but peripheral characters. Our goal here is not to simply tell one story about the “churning galaxy,” but rather tell many stories centered on the changing galactic culture. Your character and his/her companions alone will not be another Commander Shepard, gallivanting around saving the entire galaxy from certain doom. Your character will be the one living in this changing universe, rather than forcing it to change. This is the true beauty of our mission. We want to tell a story through the eyes of those who must live through momentous change, and the different perspectives such change creates. We in the writing department (and all other departments I’m sure) look forward to sharing our stories with you and perhaps even throw our own unique take on the sci-fi genre.

That’s it for Writing updates this month, but make sure to stay tuned for more developments!

Sound Update

After an extensive search at the beginning of August, we brought Heath Music onto the team to be our primary sound designer and composer for INT. You can hear one of the tracks composed for the trailer, as well as another example of his work, embedded below this paragraph. Heath and his team of musicians have been hard at work to provide the player with the best music possible in order to stimulate your senses and engage you in the world of INT while you play. Check them out!

CreepsMcPasta Recap

In early August we were featured on CreepsMcPasta’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t visited his channel, then you can here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CreepsMcPasta. After a several month process, Brian, our Creative Development Director, provided CreepsMcPasta with a story titled The Initiation which tells the story of a young UCE cadet as he embarks on a “trust exercise” to prove his courage on the graveyard world of Venus.

The story pulls you back and forth as Cadet Yorrick journeys across Venus. The story focuses on psychological horror, the dangers of colonization, and perhaps holds a supernatural element. It was a great collaboration effort between our Creative Development staff and CreepsMcPasta. We would like to thank everyone involved. Please check it out if you haven’t already!


After several months of work, we have finished our third trailer. Unlike the previous two trailers, this trailer is a story-based and concept trailer. In our first trailer, we outlined the plot of the game. This trailer finally brings that story home. The trailer was meticulously crafted over the summer by our concept artists, writers, and composers.
You are introduced to the world of Bastion, and you can view the events that unfolded before the start of the game. Then, you follow a linear journey from your apartment building to the final destination: the starport. I hope you enjoy the trailer; please let us know if you did.

Creative Development

This month, I would like to show an image of UCE reporter Shade Reyes. Shade Reyes is a character from our comic line who we will be discussing in more detail over the coming months as they are developed into a personality within the INT game universe. I hope you enjoy this window into our Creative Development team and like what you see. Expect a formal announcement sometime this month regarding our first comic issue.


I hope that your interest is piqued after this month’s update. We have shared with you our third trailer, models from the street level, a block out of the street level, information regarding the comic, and sounds from the game. As we ramp up for our demo release in 2015, expect more updates regarding INT. A great staff has been assembled to bring to you an excellent free demo that we hope you will enjoy, and replay, for your enjoyment.

If you would like to engage with us then I suggest you visit our forum and begin talking to us about the project. We would love to begin sponsoring community engagement events, but we need you to register and begin letting us know how you would like us to hold them first.

Lastly, if you are interested in the development and wish to lend a hand or are interested in our project, then please feel free to PM me or let us know in the comment section here or on our forums.

Thanks again,
INT Project Lead

INT’s Steam concept page

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The Initiation

The Initiation

We would like to thank CreepsMcPasta for working with us to create a great creepypasta Sci-Fi story. We would also like to thank Brian for writing, Nathan for concept, and Matthew Calvert for audio.

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August 2nd Update


I would like to share our progress with you, the wider community, and fellow indie game enthusiasts our progress over the past month of July. Like the previous month’s report, I will share an update provided by each department.

During the month of July, the project has made steady progress as we continue to build the core game for release to the public. For the past two months, I have discussed how our summer objective was to polish existing game models. Our modelers have completed this task and continue to develop models for the game from concept art sheets, which will be placed throughout the world. This update for July will be to showcase some of the build in greater detail, and also provide a firsthand look at a video for our inventory system, in addition to other announcements and progress reports.


Since the July 2nd Update we have made heavy strides in finishing the first level, tentatively titled, the apartment level. Monte’s DEVTEAM has been hard at work perfecting this level and they’ve recently begun transitioning to the second level. Here’s some of the work from our alpha apartment building.


The first screenshot depicts the player apartment after the cutscene. This cutscene will be a transition to the apartment building in which you start the game. Before the cutscene, your player avatar is in the room and reminiscing about their past. After the cutscene, however, they are thrown on an adventure that culminates in the theft of a starship from Dawnsport.

This screenshot from our alpha apartment building shows the player standing in their apartment, watching as their bed and clothing burns. Rubble has collapsed through the wall, destroyed their holographic table, and caused the light fixture to malfunction. Other parts of the apartment building showcase similar particle effects, in addition to non-damaged interiors.


You may remember the “Cruel Cupcake Killers!” from our previous monthly update, and this poster has now been added into the game, it’s just one of many fictional movie posters you will see throughout your travels!


In this screenshot, the player stands in an unoccupied apartment that has not been damaged by the explosion which previously rocked the apartment building. This apartment showcases the pre-war filth and squalor of the seedy apartment building that you start the game in. Unlike the previous bedroom which is on fire and damaged, this room is un-damaged, but filthy, as evident from the discarded holographic journals and dirty cabinets.


In this screenshot, the player arrives at a locked door that was sealed due to the apartment level explosions. Holographic warning labels flash at the player as they approach the door.


The player has arrived at an occupied apartment. Here the player will confront a group of vapor addicts and one of the first combat encounters of the game will take place. These addicts live here, as evident from the stained mattresses and rusty couch.


This is one of the final areas in the apartment building. It is the elevator door and console that controls the elevator. Once your player reaches this door and enters it, they exit to the street level. The street level serves as your primary introduction to our combat and leveling system. Exit through the door only when you are ready to be thrown headfirst into battle!

DEVTEAM has been hard at work over the past month. We have made progress at finishing art assets for the apartment building, and I hope that next month I will be able to show you some of the beginnings to the street level and tell more about your first companion Wes.

In addition to art, Mark’s coding department has been working to deliver upon the systems proposed and finalized for INT’s demo development. This month we would like to give you, our loyal fans, and an exclusive firsthand look at the inventory system. This look will be a short video that you can watch below.

In addition to the inventory video, I am also happy to report that we have made progress with implementing the UI, faction-alignment system, character equip menu, achievements, quest journal and quest objectives. We will have more to share about these systems and more videos showcasing these systems in the coming months, please stay tuned for additional videos in the near future.


Our writing department led by Blind Caesar and his staff have been working hard to provide an excellent story, narrative, and engaging dialogue for you. This month I would like to share with you some information about the corporations of INT and the corporate logo for Zeus Industries.


“Zeus Industries represents one of the primary providers of the Interstellar Drives and capital ships to the UCE. Single-handedly holding upwards of a third of Jupiter’s shipyards, they also hold one of the largest positions of power in the UCE’s politics. Their current CEO saw action as a first officer on one of Zeus’ capital ships during the first colonial revolt, and his military background has heavily suffused the Corporation. The majority of their capital investments lie in similar shipyards throughout the Core, with a few outlying yards in the colony that have been lost in the early days of the current ACP rebellion.” -Dek

Each corporation in the UCE has a logo that has been developed by our Concept Artists and matched to a corporate description provided by our writing staff. In addition to this work, we have also made progress with dialogues, short stories, and other lore pieces.

From the writing team:

This month, writing has been hard at work continually building up the lore of the INT-verse as well as working on dialogues for the demo. At the time of writing we have completely finished the apartment level and are working on designing the street and ensuring that the companions you will find during the rest of the demo are both interesting and diverse.

With that, I will leave you with a sneak peak of just a few of the background choices that will be available to the player in the first minutes of the game upon eying a pair of broken shackles in the player apartment.


UCE Alignment: “(You suddenly recall your time in the United Colonies of Earth military police. You were recently discharged for letting a convict slip out of your fingers. After your discharge, you were forced into the slum in the city of Aurora.)”

ACP Alignment: “(For the past couple of years you have worked with the revolutionary groups on the planet Bastion before being captured by the U.C.E. soldiers. You’ve recently escaped prison and made your way into the slum in the city of Aurora.)”

Criminal Alignment: “(For most of your life you’ve been in and out of prison for your association with the criminal underworld. Your most recent stint in prison ended abruptly when you and a fellow inmate broke out. Your fellow inmate set you up in a slum in the city of Aurora –near one of his cousins who also has strong cartel ties.)”

Neutral Alignment: “(You were recently released from a minimum security prison for a variety of white collar crimes. After your stint in prison, you’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and currently work and live in the city of Aurora.)”

PR: Trailer

I would like to take some time now to announce that we are close to finishing a story-based trailer that will tell you the story of Bastion and showcase the entire demo in terms of what to expect. This trailer is close to completion and both our sound and concept art staff is hard at work on finishing it. While I want to leave the story and sounds of the trailer as a surprise for you, I would like to showcase one piece of art for it.


The piece of art above shows the cityscape of Aurora on the desert world of Bastion. We see the setting sun, ruined city, and low-orbit battle that rages overhead. This piece of art is an example of the quality that we intend to showcase to you in the coming weeks for the story-based trailer. I hope you enjoy this sample and stay tuned to our next update which will most assuredly feature the finished trailer.

Announcements: PDF versions of INT-verse stories and the comic

We are also pleased to announce that in the coming weeks we will start to deliver short-stories in PDF format from the INT-verse. These short-stories represent the quality of story-telling at Starboard Games LLC intend to deliver upon in our public demo. You can access these short-stories from indiedb downloads and also from our website.

Additionally, Brian has become our Creative Director at Starboard Games LLC. Please read the following announcement from Creative Development regarding the comic.


In the coming months we will make a formal announcement regarding the release date for the comic. However, for now I would like to share with you a biography from a comic character and a sketch of that character. We plan to release this comic in the next few months for free to the public and again it can be accessed through downloads on indiedb, our website, and other websites.

Twiggy is a vapor addict. She is thin, has dark hair and is of average height. Most often she is seen wearing tight black pants, a dark poncho, boots, and a head scarf. She also carries a small satchel with her at all times, which includes her vapor pen, stash box, a wallet that rarely has money in it, and a small stuffed bear that is missing its left leg, the last connection to the Haelen orphanage from which she ran away at the age of 12. Twiggy wears metal rings on the fingers of both hands, a last line of defense on which she has relied on numerous occasions. She also carries a metal key ring in the shape of a cat-outline with pointed ears, that when slipped onto her hand, becomes as effective as a short, double-bladed knife at close range. Although she doesn’t carry a sidearm, she has been known to carry other sharp weapons from time to time, which her poncho obscures.


Website upgrade progress is coming along smoothly. With this redesign, we are aiming to integrate the look and feel of both the main blog are and our message board. We are also in the planning stages of implementing a system to deliver digital content when purchased. To give you an idea of how it will look, here is a preview of the forums with a WIP style.


In closing, I hope we have caught your interest so far in this update. As always, we will have another monthly update on September 2nd. However, if you are excited about the game and progress we have made thus far, I would encourage you to check us out on social media and our website. We have weekly updates that we only post to our ‘news-updates’ section of the forums. Again, I hope you enjoyed this update and please check us out. Finally, I would like to end this with a sneak peak of a piece of concept art for a ARS Advanced Pistol.


Thanks again,
INT Project Lead

INT’s Steam concept page

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Development Diary #4: Logo Design

Hi. My name is Nathan Hawthorne, and I’m one of the 2D artists working on INT. You may have noticed that in the last few weeks that on our website and all our social media outlets, the INT logo has changed. In this blog I’m going to talk about the journey the INT logo has had from the start of the project to now, and why and how we ended up with a new one.

When INT started, the temporary logo we used was simplistic capital letters, colored white on black – INT.


But the entire team agreed that we needed more than this. So we had a meeting where we sat down and discussed at length what we thought the logo should look like. We needed something that shouted three things core to the game: that it is set in space, that you’ll explore space throughout the story, and that there are two interstellar factions in conflict. We decided to go with a future space explorer’s helmet with the letters INT embedded in the visor. Behind this space explorer are two planets, each the colour of a faction (red and blue), on opposing sides of the explorer. This painterly logo lasted around half a year and became familiar to many of the early supporters of INT.


We soon decided that this logo was not fully representative of what the game entails – although it involves exploration, the game does not center on individual outer space travel or spacewalking, as could be inferred by the logo. So we set about redesigning it. The new logo design was once again a team effort, with many of the 2D artists on the team contributing designs. One of our main aims for this logo was to keep it much simpler than the last and to lose the painterly feel in favour of something more graphical.


We ended up creating over a hundred proposed logos, but with each set we narrowed down the design more and more. When I created the final set, I was aiming for something that shouted that this game was about space, and thus included a star-filled image of space. I also wanted the letters to be shaped in a way that reflects danger and adventure, so I chose Calibri for its sharp, knife- like appearance. The light that stretches across the gap near the top of the letters represents the excitement ahead – an adventure spans across galaxies, which you can join.


From the mind of Nathan Hawthorne

A Concept Artist working on INT

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July 13, 2014 Weekly Update

Hello! Here is the first of many weekly updates that we will be doing. They are small and only outline one or two things.

This week, the art department finished modeling, texturing and placing almost 20 models into the game. Here is a couch that Matt modeled. Kong did the concept for it and Monte did the texturing.

Also here is a bit of the flavor of the game in a take off from farmville for the future. This was done by Ross!

Moving on to writing, here is a quote from the first dialogue in the game. This is derived from the dialogue between the Player and his scoundrel neighbor Wes.

“I’m scared, you’re scared, we’re all scared! The damned city is on fire. If we don’t get to that starport right now, mark my words– we’re dead.” Wes

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July 2nd Update


I would like to share our progress with you, our loyal fans, the wider community, and fellow travelers of this marvelous creation we call the internet our progress over the past month.

June has seen a flurry of activity of growth and progress at Starboard Games LLC. We’ve continued to fine-tune the first level, and we are nearing the finish line on Level 1. Our concept artists are starting on the second level, and the coding department is hard at work building the crucial systems that will make the game functional.

In the June 2nd update, I discussed how our current monthly objective was to finish polishing the original apartment level models (which will be seen throughout the game), as they are mostly furnishings. This task is complete. The apartment level models are polished, and we’ve begun implementing small items such as posters, movies, and the in-game particle system, which will showcase the destruction that’s taken place at this small apartment building.

Scene 1 Screenshot

In the first screenshot, you see the player apartment before the cutscene. This is where you’ll stake out your identity, gain introductory skills, and become aware of the universe at large. Once the introduction is complete, a cutscene is triggered; it shows a wave of hell being unleashed upon your home.

Scene 2 Screenshot

In the second screenshot, you see the player apartment after the cutscene. The change you see is a reflection of the Interstellar Civil War, which has arrived on your doorstep. Your building is now on fire, crumbling, and in ruins. Your only recourse is to escape the building and more importantly, the planet before society completely collapses.
I’d also like to take a moment to compare a June 2nd Screenshot of the player apartment to a July 2nd Screenshot of the same room.

June 2nd Screenshot

July 2nd Screenshot (same room)

As you can see, we’ve filled in these rooms with superior models that better reflect the quality of modeling that I discussed on June 2nd. I am confident now am happy to report that our mission has been a success. Our energetic team has powered away at the models needed for Level One, and I’m happy to report that we have achieved success. Check out the sampling below.

Polished Model #1

Polished Model #2

Polished Model #3

These are just a few of the models we’ve implemented in our alpha build, but you can clearly see a marked improvement on these models over the work we were putting out in the spring. We continue to improve models as we see fit, and work as hard as humanly possible to bring our fans, the best game possible. The Art team led by Monte and his staff: Matt, Kevin, Lachlan, Victor, Nathan, Adam, and Kong continues to work on new material which I will share with you next month.

As I discussed in the introduction, we have also been hard at work in building the necessary features to the game that will make it functional. Since June 2nd we have rapidly expanded our coding and developer teams and we are making substantial progress. Below are some of their accomplishments from the month of June.

Inventory WIP

The Inventory structure, which has been under development for months by our coding lead, Mark Pollard, is now nearly finished. Mark and Nathan have worked on the GUI for the inventory. The system will allow for stacking, equipping items, moving items, and destroying them.

Dialogue WIP

Our dialogue system will allow you to interact with NPC’s, Companions, and other entities of the INT universe. Our system allows you to pull from several pre-written prompts provided by our writing team and implemented by our coding team. These prompts will sometimes give you law and order points or rogue points, but they could also give you factional points from the two major combatants of the Interstellar Civil War: ACP and UCE points. These points will work in tangent with our factional-moral-alignment system. INT features a sandbox leveling system. Our intention is to allow you to customize your player as you see fit. You can become anything in INT: a space pirate, humble medic, or anything in between. We have dozens upon dozens of skills that will allow you to build your character. Some skills are combat oriented, others give you increased charisma or intimidation, and many are necessary for healing and passive regeneration.

The Quest journal is where you will find current main quests and secondary quests. The journal will be accessible by a button on the main HUD.

Health and Battery WIP

The Health and Battery System has been in active development for weeks and is in a working state. This system will allow you to take damage and use energy in combat. This is a first step towards our combat system, which we’ll showcase later this fall.

For the past month, our coding team: Mark, Marius, Rock, Patrik, and Jeremy have been working on developing the necessary features and GUI artwork in tangent with one of our concept artists: Nathan. Above you can see some of the progress made up to this point on the following systems: Inventory, Dialogue, Skills, and the Quest Journal. These systems make up a hefty portion of the necessary systems for INT. In the coming months, we will talk more about other in-game systems: most notably, combat.

In addition to coding, our writing team has been hard at work providing dialogue, flavor text, and companion lore to the game. BC, our writing lead, has been pushing his team hard, and I’m happy to report major progress with flavor text, dialogue, and companion lore.

Stephen, a writer on the writing team, wrote the following flavor text for movie posters.

    1. Cruel Cupcake Killers

      a. B-list horror movie
      b. “These cupcakes…eat YOU!”
      c. Poster: 3 sentient pink-frosted cupcakes, still in yellow wrappers, with faces in the frosting jump
      toward the camera, mouths open ready to bite, against an urban background.

This text was taken by an artist on our team named Jason who has developed it into a B-List horror movie poster which will be featured in the game. Check out the poster.

Cupcake Killer Poster

Let’s look at a piece of companion lore for Wes, who was features in the June 2nd Update as an untextured model. Below you will see a sampling of text about Wes. Following the excerpt, you will see a textured version of Wes: now ready to be implemented into the alpha build.

“Born to a low class family on the slums of Earth, Wes was adopted into a life of crime. Working for the largest crime family on Earth, the Barbarosas, Wes earned a reputation as a grade A enforcer and conman. By the age of 18, Wes was a major player in the Barbarosa cartel and privy to all of their operations. After a major crackdown on the cartel, Wes was forced off Earth, and left to wander UCE territory on his own. His journeys took him to a large pirate operation, where he began to truly hone his skills. However, once again, fate struck yet again, as Wes’ ship was destroyed by a UCE cruiser. Taken prisoner by a UCE recover team, Wes was sentenced to ten years in a medium security prison on the planet Taros.” –BC

Textured Wes WIP

Our writing department has been hard at work over the past month building characters, dialogue, and flavor text. These written descriptions are then passed to other portions of the team for implementation. We also held a lore panel in June. Check out this lore panel so you can gain insight into our universe.

Lore Panel Video:

Our Sound Department has been learning Unity implementation for sounds, and while we’ve had some minor turn overs in staff, our new Sound Lead, Matthew Calvert, has provided a demo track for INT. Check it out below.

In addition to these achievements, we have also established a side team to work on comics, graphic novels, and additional material for the INT universe. This team, led by Brian, has been working vigilantly on new material which we will announce soon.

The core sections of the team have been hard at work building INT, our flagship game and the centerpiece of Starboard Games LLC’s game development studio. However, we have been focusing in other areas over the last month as well and launched several crucial campaigns.

At the beginning of June we launched a Patreon page, where you can help fund the development of INT and other unannounced titles within the INT universe and beyond. On this page, you’ll see our exclusive backer rewards and information. Please check it out and let us know what you think! Give a shout out to our PR representative Xain for his excellent re-design of the Patreon page as well.

Starboard Games Patreon Page: http://www.patreon.com/starboard

Just a week ago we launched a Steam concept page. This page is our first step towards launching INT on Greenlight. We fully plan on having INT as a game on the Steam distribution platform. As we get closer to our demo launch we will move to transition our steam concept over to Greenlight. Check out the page below.


If you like the work we are doing and are as excited about INT as we are then please come over to our community board, register, and sound off about what you want in the game. Check our website out below.

Website: http://www.int-game.net/
Forums: http://forums.int-game.net/

On behalf of the INT team, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read this. We are hard at work to bring you an excellent Sci-fi RPG in a universe created from scratch. We want your input and feedback as we make this game. So please check us out and let us know what you think.

Thanks again,

    INT Project Lead

INT’s Steam concept page

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Environment_02 (1)

Jaax is one of the moons featured in the main version of INT. In the concept art, you can see the cold frozen, tundra that is the defining characteristic of this small moon located in the Quirne system. While Jaax is a frozen moon, it has been developed by the driving J10 corporations, and its prime location in Core Space has caused it to be more developed than regions beyond the Core.

Imagine a world frozen, but thriving with a booming populace. N’Alasa is the principal hub city and home to over 2.9 million inhabitants. The city is encircled by domed manufacturing centers that manufacture starshields for UCE capital ships and glass for UCE trooper visors. However, manufacturing is not the only draw to Jaax. Jaax is a popular tourist destination for its winter resorts and sports.

Finally, there is an element of mystery on Jaax. Numerous reports have been made at N’Alasa of a mysterious J10 plant somewhere in the southern hemisphere of Jaax. The facility has an unknown purpose and is most likely tied to the J10 war effort.

The big take-away from jaax is that it is a popular destination for travelers despite its hostile climate. The moon has been developed for manufacturing and recreational activities. However, there are secrets on Jaax and in INT you will discover them. Check out an excerpt from our internal planetary biography about Jaax below. If you like it, check out our website, Patreon page, and Steam concept page.

“This small moon – one quarter the size of Earth’s moon – completes its revolution around Quirne in 290 Earth days. Barren of life and inhospitable to it, Jaax is similar to Saturn’s Enceladus, reflecting much of Ronux’s sunlight. Jaax, however, is not as cold as Enceladus, and its smooth surface does not derive from ice coverage: there is no surface water or moisture on the moon’s topside, and Jaax does not experience rain. The moon’s mirror-like surface results from minimal asteroid impact and the smooth white crystal sand that dominates the planet; the moon lacks craters, except on its southern region where there is a cluster of large craters, the largest of which measures three quarters of a mile in diameter. Temperatures do not rise above freezing on Jaax, making it one of the colder colonial locations in Core space.” » darklander

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