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Development Diary #1: Writing the Apartment and the Universe

Ever since we first began working on INT, the writing department has been hard at work developing a detailed universe for the game. Being an RPG, we believe that the storyworld and characters are equally important when developing a compelling universe. Therefore, our goals have been two-fold: to create a detailed backstory detailing the origins and culture of both the United Colonies of Earth and the Atlas Confederacy of Planets, as well as focusing on rich and detailed characters.

Before we get too far into how we’ve been writing the game and what we’ve accomplished so far, who exactly makes up the core writing team for INT?

BlindCaesar: Currently attending university for philosophy and film and working as an electrician, BlindCaesar is the current writing lead for INT. He is relatively new to the video game development scene, but has been actively working as a freelance writer for three years.

darklander: (Brian Olszewski) holds advanced English degrees. INT is currently one of the ongoing writing projects in which he is involved, including an alternative history SF novel that requires more of his attention. He seems to be more interested in games as cultural objects, as psychological-aesthetic experiences, and their relation to narrative rather than extensively playing them, although he recently applied thermal paste to his fat PS3, giving it a new (temporary) lease on life.

Stephen: Stephen Banic is from Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. At the moment, Stephen is  20 years old and absolutely loves to write! He is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in English at the University of Guelph. INT is the first indie game he has ever had the pleasure of writing for.  He also has his own T.V. show column at his university’s newspaper The Ontarion. Currently, Stephen is working on a medieval-fantasy novel on the side.

So, what exactly have we been working on for the past couple of weeks? Our main focus has been establishing a couple of set characters and companions, focusing on writing descriptions for the myriad items that will be in the game, creating detailed documents of colonized systems, and finally, writing dialogue for the first level of the game, the player’s apartment.

BlindCaesar: BlindCaesar has been working on ensuring that everything stays organized as well as working on future companions/background characters, item descriptions, and dialogues. For the most part, while our other writers worked on nailing down the background he worked on the first level of the game. As of now, there were two major dialogue trees in the apartment and several items. Of course, we can’t go into too much detail about these things, but we can say that so far it is all coming together quite nicely and really shaping up to be a strong RPG.

darklander: (Brian Olszewski) contributed to an early iteration of INT’s demo script and is currently creating UCE Core systems, writing backstory and lore for the major planets and moons of this sector of the game’s universe. Recently he began editing and proofreading development blog posts on INT’s website, which introduce newcomers to our game.

Stephen: Up to date with Interstellar Stephen has written out a character outline and origin for Captain Stryker, and created outlines and origins for the various Cartel factions within the game’s universe. Currently he is working on four more companion outlines and will soon be moving on to working on dialogue for the second level.

In short, the writing department continues to create various character and planetary story nodes for the game. Though we won’t be releasing much promotional material (for now), we will be hard at work crafting a unique RPG experience that is sure to bring some new and exciting elements to the genre.

Thanks for reading and remember to keep up to date with the game’s progress by checking out our site and social media feeds!


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Battleground: Bastion

Battleground: Bastion

Date:  December 29, 2248

The fog of war has clouded Bastion for over a year, but the funeral pal has yet to fall on the Capital City of Aurora.  For the past two years of the decade-long Interstellar Civil War, the planet has been a contested battleground between two warring factions of humanity: the Atlas Confederacy of Planets and United Colonies of Earth.

Nearly a year ago, the ACP launched an all-out blitz on Bastion after its successful counterattack in the Middle Colonies.  The leader of the ACP, N.D., targeted Bastion, a core-world, of immense stature, wealth, and prestige for his counterattack. Vowing to avenge the destruction of Atlas, his forces amassed along the Gas Corridor. In a daring feint, N.D. convinced the UCE Admiralty that its intended target was not Bastion but the massive Juperia drive yards.

With the UCE caught off-guard, the ACP broke through Bastion’s meager flotilla and managed to occupy the outlying districts of New Baja and New Vegas.  With three of the planet’s principal cities occupied, the ACP pushed towards Aurora, but it was delayed by the entrenched UCE garrison. The garrison was forced to fight a lengthy siege-war outside the city proper for over a year while both factions battled in low-orbit above the planet.

Under the command of Fleet Admiral Marcus Perry in December of 2048, the UCE Admiralty committed nearly all of its remaining capital ships, dubbed “the Iron Fists” to the battle of Bastion.  The Corporate Directorate that commands the UCE had for the duration of 2048 refused to move in the remainder of the capital ships, which led to heavy UCE losses in the running low-orbit battle of Bastion. It feared that Bastion was another feint by the ACP and that the real target were the monumentally important Gas Corridor Planets beyond Bastion. But it became increasingly obvious that Bastion was the ACP’s intended target due to a speech given by N.D. on the anniversary of the re-taking of Atlas in which he pledged “to take an eye for an eye.”

Due to Perry’s old age, he sent the famed war hero, Rear Admiral Jason Barnes, to command the UCE fleet at Bastion and push the ACP out once and for all.  With Barnes’ arrival, the ACP committed its remaining vessels to the siege, including the ACP high command.

The UCE garrison in Bastion, which had been fighting through the suburbs for months, was finally forced back into the city by ACP reinforcements from the armada, which arrived shortly before the UCE fleet commanded by Jason Barnes.  While both sides have had a presence in the system’s low-orbit for a year, they were relatively matched until the coming of both fleets.  The arrival of the ACP fleet and its reinforcements bolstered the ranks of the confederates, and now they have breached the walls of Aurora and fight through the under-city and upper-city in an attempt to force the UCE from their prized world.

As 2049 dawns, it has become clear that one side and its fleet will prove victorious in the titanic fight over the trade world.  Both factions are committed to the fight, but the question remains, who will emerge as the triumphing victor and who will be left with nothing?  A young hero, from the war-torn slums of Bastion, may prove imperative in deciding the outcome of the fight at Bastion and end the costliest war in humanity’s history.



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Welcome to INT



My name is Justin Bise. I am the Project Lead for INT, shorthand in our universe for Interstellar. Let me be the first to welcome you to our new website, forums, and project.  I would like to take some time to answer questions, share a common vision, and introduce you to the universe we are creating.

What is INT?

INT is a Sci-Fi, RPG, built from scratch and set in the years 2248-49.  The premise for our RPG is that a catastrophic World War erupts in our current century, leading to the dramatic altering of humanity’s fate during the last decades of the 21st century and early years of the 22nd century. This paradigm-shifting altercation leads to the rise of the Sol Colonization Authority (SCA), a sub-committee of the United Nations. After years of research at the turn of the 22nd century, the SCA successfully designs a faster-than-light drive system. However, the system requires immense gravity wells to construct. Initially coming to the aid of the SCA’s budgetary constraints, Earth-based corporations decide to pool their resources and establish an operation at the planet Jupiter to begin construction of the I.D.S. (Interstellar Drive System). Over time, these entities begin to see… continue reading »

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Teaser Trailer #1

Teaser Trailer #1

Hey everyone, here’s a first-look sneak preview at INT!

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Social Media and Website Introductions!

INT is an upcoming space cowboy-themed rogue-like RPG set in the year 2249 amidst an interstellar civil war between two rival factions of humanity. So much is in store for you in this amazing universe that you are about to enter.

To be a part of the growing INT community, head over to the forums, register, and discuss the game and concepts!

Thanks for stopping by!

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